Find Freedom, Happiness, Control and Peace with quitting Porn - without worrying about failure, judgment, fear or shame.

The Porn Reboot Intensive is a self-paced 9 module LIVE online learning program. It is for smart, driven, successful people who find it difficult to stay in control with with their sexual behavior. The program is created by internationally recognized mentor J.K Emezi and taught with live weekly coaching by J.K and certified Porn Reboot Coaches.

Porn Reboot has been widely acclaimed as the most effective, neuroscience-based method for happily and easily finding freedom from porn.


J.K Emezi

Certified Sex and Porn Addiction Recovery Coach

Founder- Porn Reboot

Let’s cut right to the chase...

  • Q.Are you smart, driven and in control in most areas of your life but for some reason porn and masturbation is a strange exception?

    A.You’ll learn the science behind this bizarre little mystery and why it is NOT YOUR FAULT!

  • Q.Have you tried to stop or cut back in the past but have been unable to do it without feeling deprived and miserable? (So you say screw this… and just go back to it?)

    A.Welcome to the club. We’ll explore where these feelings come from, why our culture has set us up to fail, and what exactly we can do about it!

  • Q.Are you tired of thinking sexual thoughts, and want to shift your perspective so you have active control over those thoughts? And sexual behavior becomes a decision instead of a reaction?

    A.I was sooo tired of thinking about sex. How long until I could watch porn again? How much would I allow myself to watch? Would I be able to handle it? Or would it get out of control… again?

  • Q.Do you want to masturbate and watch porn less, so you set limits but then something stressful happens and suddenly you are back in to your old routines, and somehow you even end up watching more than before you set the limits?

    A.Yep, me too. Stress was one of the main reasons I watched porn. And every time I tried to moderate the efforts resulted in me watching and masturbating more than before! Let me show you the psychology behind this crazy-phenomenon and how to turn it around.

  • Q.Do you find yourself masturbating out of habit, or out of boredom…? And then regret it later?

    A.Ahhh habits… they rewire our brains, and can make life easy or oh-so-difficult. The good news, when we use the science to our advantage they become one of our most powerful change tools.

If any, or all of this sounds familiar
then you are in the right place.

In fact the tools you know of, that are supposed to be helpful, like willpower, or the idea of complete abstinence - are actually making things harder than they need to be.

It’s not your fault. You’ve simply had the wrong tools.

What sets Porn Reboot apart from any other program?

You’ll join thousands of people who have already found freedom, joy and happiness that comes from regaining control over their porn use.

Contact V., New York


Best Coach if you're looking to quit …
Best Coach if you're looking to quit porn and cure any type of sex/porn addiction. I've been through programs, read books etc. But i'd say that 1 hour and 30 I spent on the phone with JK was the best value I have ever received in the last 4 years of trying to quit this thing. 100% recommended.


J.K. Knows His Stuff. Period.
THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL SELF HELP GURU J.K. gets straight to the point and dives deep into your problem by going straight for the root cause of your addiction/issue. He gives you FAR more than what you pay for and he actually cares. As long as you have an open mind and follow J.K.’s advice, your life will change. Period.

Jason., Michigan

Working with JK as a coach has been one of the greatest choices that I have made in the past year. Prior to coaching, I had been trying to quit on my own for over three years with no progress. I had seen multiple therapists who either did not know about porn addiction or who did not believe in it. With recovery coaching, I have made significant progress that was not possible prior to working with JK. One great advantage of working with JK is that he is an experiential expert with a deep understanding of this addiction. His knowledge and abilities are exceptional. In coaching, he has employed a holistic approach to my addiction that has helped me to improve in multiple areas of my life while recovering from my porn addiction. The tools that I have learned in recovery coaching have been incredibly useful, not only in my recovery, but also in my day to day life. I am no longer just going through the motions of abstaining from porn, I am actually recovering!

Mack., Chicago

I've known J.K. for less than year and he has taught me that I am capable of more than I realize. I am empowered in my recovery and confident that I can abstain from my compulsive habits for the long haul. I struggled when I first started following J.K. but haven't acted out for the longest time thanks to the new habits I've built and the realization that I am not a slave to my over decade-long habits.

Some Of What You’ll Learn in Porn Reboot!

  • Why your conscious decision not to watch porn is undermined by your unconscious desire for sex, how those desires became unconscious in the first place, and how to reverse them so you have full control over your decisions again
  • How to not only reclaim your personal power against porn, but maintain it. Meaning you’ll be completely free from the endless cycle of decisions about masturbating and porn.
  • The truth about porn, why it’s so easy for it to become such a significant part of our lives, and why you are not a porn addict.
  • Why excessive porn use and masturbation is at an all-time record high, and whose fault this really is.
  • The real reasons porn companies spend so much money on marketing and advertising, and some of the sneaky tricks they use to sell you on it (and make sure you stay hooked!) -- and how to easily counteract their subconscious messaging.

Is this right for me?

  • You’re of two minds about porn and masturbation -- you both want to masturbate and watch porn less but also feel like something is missing whenever you abstain.
  • You're wondering if porn is taking more from you than its giving back?
  • You’re curious about masturbating and watching porn less but are pretty sure you are not a porn addict.
  • You try to use porn less but find that life is stressful and porn has always been one of your major stress relievers.
  • You have a love/hate relationship with porn and masturbation. You set limits in the morning and then blow right by them once evening rolls around.
  • You’ve tried to quit before (possibly many times) by using willpower. And it didn’t work- which makes you feel frustrated, weak, and defeated around porn.
  • You’re watching more porn than you ever wanted to, without ever making a choice to do so.
  • You can go a few days without masturbating but it feels miserable, like you’re being deprived of something important.
  • You are ready to regain complete control over your porn and masturbation habits, your life, your health, your happiness, and your freedom.
  • You’re looking forward to feeling great every night and feeling amazing the next morning.
  • You’re ready to show up in life as your best self and feel confident and in control again.

What exactly is in this program?

The Porn Reboot Intensive is a live group coaching program that includes both live calls and self-paced pre recorded videos.

  • It is a self-paced program that you can start whenever you are ready and work through at your own pace.
  • You will have 3 months of daily support from me and other certified Porn Reboot coaches, in a private, secret group.
  • It is priced at less than a single month of coaching - making it accessible and affordable.
  • Becoming Aware

    To start, we go through an eye opening process to become aware of our current belief structure around alcohol – without judgment! All change happens on the other side of awareness!

  • Why We Think We Like To Watch Porn

    We explore the crazy theories society has given us about why we might be watching porn more than we want to, and whose fault it is anyway. (Hint: if you’ve believed you are at fault – you don’t want to miss this module! It will free you from a lifetime of guilt around your sexual choices.)

  • Reframing Our Perspective

    So if what we’ve been told is wrong, and even holding us back, how do we get it right? This module is all about a massive reframe.

    We cover the very foundations of painless habit change as well as how incredibly our culture is starting to shift around porn. (Hint: being porn and masturbation free may truly be the next “in thing”).

  • You. And Your Body. Whole, Strong and Complete

    Just about every product (and every commercial) is aimed to tell us that we are missing something. That we are somehow incomplete. And if we just buy ‘that thing’, then we will be whole.

    This module we get to the bottom of that insanity and instead develop a real, lasting perspective of how incredible each of us truly is.

  • Confirmation Bias & Cognitive Dissonance

    Big words that will change your entire life. Why do we both want to masturbate more and less at the same time? Why is the internet chock-full of memes that glorify sex and porn?

    We’ll learn how exactly advertising works in the brain and find out the real reasons companies spend so much on marketing and advertising and some of the sneaky tricks they’re using to make sure you stay stuck! Plus, how you can easily counteract this messaging – and become immune!

  • Porn & Our Emotions

    We can’t fix this until we understand the deep needs that porn and masturbation seems to fill. We explore the intense relationships between porn and the top emotions we associate with sex: fun, happiness, stress-relief, intimacy, and relaxation.

    We’ll explore what’s true and what may not be true. And I’ll never tell you what to think, I simply provide the evidence and you draw your own conclusions. This may be our most transformational module together.

  • Neuroscience, Genetics & Personality

    This is the module where everything suddenly becomes clear. The crazy behaviors we don’t understand, why we try to change and are unable to, the entire idea of an addictive personality.

    We’ll learn the truth about porn and the brain, why it can easily become such a significant part of our lives and why you are not a porn addict.

  • Porn, Masturbation, Social Life, Sex & Our Culture

    Sexual behavior is the only human behavior on earth you have to justify not engaging in. Why is this? What does it mean for someone hoping to change their relationship with sex? Will society ever change?

    Why is it that the minority always knows something the majority doesn’t – and what exactly that is and how to use it to your advantage to get the life you want without being controlled by sex. We cover all this and so much more in this exciting and empowering module.

  • Launching Into Your New Rebooted Life

    What does it really mean to be ‘fully recovered’ and what exactly does it take to get there? Is moderation possible? Should I try? How can I know if I am someone who has a problem with my past? What happens if I mess up? What if I am not yet ready?

    We’ll address these vital topics, plus so much more, as you map out your customized and incredible path to take back control.

  • The Secret To Happily & Easily Masturbating Less

    I know you wish we could just skip to the secret! I do too, but it doesn’t work that way 🙂 We need the entire 9 modules to rewire your brain, so that this module you can happily, effortlessly, move forward into your new life without shame, labels, pain, strict rules and without ever feeling like you are missing out.

    This module is where the magic happens. This moment was one of the best of my entire life, I love seeing it with every new person who goes through this approach (now thousands and thousands!) And I can’t wait to experience it with you.



Enrollment Ends In:

And if that’s not enough…
You’ve got so many incredible bonuses!

Bonus: 3 Months Membership in the Porn Reboot Coaching Community

This is one of the most transformative and valuable parts of the Porn Reboot Intensive.

The membership includes live weekly group coaching with J.K.

In addition membership includes our secret Porn Reboot VIP Facebook group. Not only is this group incredibly supportive with so many people who are at all different stages of this journey but we've included LIVE WEEKLY coaching in the group. That's right, each week, J.K goes live in the group to offer support, answer questions and provide additional insight and resources. Our goal is to ensure you have all the support you need to finally find the freedom you are looking for.

Bonus: Porn Reboot Video Course

What happens after you go through the program, your entire belief system has shifted and you no longer feel the need or desire for porn.

You are in an amazing place to start living beyond self-medication!

Porn Reboot is the result of 18 months of research I did after Porn Reboot was born. Research that freed me from 15 years of anxiety and depression and transformed me from an uptight, unhappy and short tempered person into someone who has real peace and joy in my life.

This is an entire 8 module Video Course which tackles:

  • Stress. How to change your entire perspective to handle stress in a way that means you’ll never again need (or even want) to self medicate.
  • Proven, scientific methods to manage your crazy thinking so you can be present, peaceful and joyful in your life.
  • The most effective ways I’ve ever found to reduce anxiety and manage cravings.
  • Finally live your happiest and most fulfilling life - beyond self-medication!

Students say this course by itself is worth the entire program.

I plan to make this course a stand-alone offer, but now, just for this class, I am providing it completely free as part of this all-inclusive package to not only finding freedom but rediscovering the joy of being you!

Bonus: 90 Days of Lasting Change with J.K Emezi

If you want this to last, and you want to find real, permanent freedom -- and are ready for great things -- but right now you fear that lasting change may elude you, this bonus is for you.

It is your daily guidepost for the journey that you’re on, and how you’re going to continue building the momentum that you’re feeling through Porn…

This program is a daily email, for 90 days, that includes a powerful, yet concise video from J.K, a written reminder to help you focus on what you know is working and avoid what you know will cause you to lose momentum, and a reflection and journal prompt so you can see your progression through your journey and look back to see exactly how far you’ve come.

Bonus: 100+ Q&A Video Library

After you find freedom you might have questions about how to deal with stress, manage cravings, social life, dating, healthy sex or countless other topics.

Here’s what’s great.

Every time a course member asks a question, I respond with a well-researched live video that goes in-depth to answer the question. As of today there are over 100 live videos in this library with over 1,000 minutes of content.

I’ve been told that it’s the most powerful aspect of this program and you get unlimited access, 100% FREE!

Ready for some more inspiration?

Conrad K.

"J.K got me out of this mess…

I originally went with JK because I could tell from his videos that he actually cares about his clients and wants them to recover. In one of his videos that I remember watching he described how he had felt before he had overcome his porn addiction and most of those symptoms matched mine exactly--namely constant tiredness. When talking to JK it became obvious that he knew how I was feeling and what was going on. It was a difficult first phone call to make for me because it's not easy to realize that I had an addiction to pornography. This is not something you routinely hear about when talking to people yet I believe it is a very serious problem in this country.

It took a lot of time for me to even realize I had a huge problem with pornography. We always heard that smoking is bad, drugs are bad, but I never thought, nor heard, that watching porn could actually harm you. I had been fully addicted for years and I did not realize how it affected my lifestyle since I presumed it was harmless. Now that I've not watched porn for 3 months I can tell you that there is a difference in mood, energy levels, motivation, etc. Porn addiction is a real thing and if you think you have a problem with it then I would recommend JK to guide you out of it. The before and after is real. Try it and check the results for yourself. No regrets.

Luiz .C

"Walking in the light of recovery…

These last 120 days in recovery with JK will forever be remembered as a great watershed in my life. Under his supervision and guidance, I was able to dive into waters that I would never have the courage to do it alone. Today I leave this process strengthened with faith and courage to continue my quest of becoming the man I have always sought to be: someone committed to his own essence, feeling grateful by this marvelous spiritual awakening. JK, no doubt, day by day, was able to reflect my true and emerging self. Thank you for bringing so much light and wisdom into the misery and darkness of my addiction.

Jesse .L

"Life changing…

Elevated Recovery is a one of kind recovery program. I highly recommend it for those who are willing to take the leap. No parachute. Through working with J.K I have been able to start my recovery and make life changes I never thought possible. Elevated Recovery has been the best investment in myself and the lives my family I never thought possible.

What does it cost?

This Porn Reboot Intensive is a one time payment of $1497 USD or three payments of $499

Here are a few things to put that cost into perspective:

  • I did a survey and the average Porn Reboot participant lost opportunities worth $700-$1500 per month. Even if you just cut back, this course will pay for itself in less than 100 days… and then the savings really starts piling up. I’ve saved over $50,000 since we made this amazing change in our lives.
  • Medical bills. Prevention is the best medicine. If you compare the price to the fact that porn and masturbation is causing havoc to your sex drive, erections, and just about every other system in your body you quickly realize how much this course can save you. Not only in time and pain but also financially.
  • Just a month of coaching from porn-free coaches is $1500 - $2,000 (and generally that's for just 30 days of email coaching.) With this program you get 2 months of live group coaching PLUS all your questions answered in WEEKLY LIVE coaching from J.K in our private community. Not only is the program more effective, but its a fraction of the price.
  • And let’s not even get into rehab costs. If you let this get worse and have to go that way in the future, we are talking $40,000 or more.
  • One last thought. We invest our time in what we invest our money in. I know this is true. And I want you to get the very best results.

What is life like after Porn Reboot?

Thousands of lives have been changed with Porn Reboot. I’ve asked some of them what they would tell their former selves about what life is like ‘on this side’. Here is what they have to say:

Conrad is a lawyer. Since he found Porn Reboot 9 months ago all sorts of things became possible in his life. He's started dating again after a long dry spell and doubled his law firms revenue!

Luiz is a real estate investor. He's been free from porn for almost a year! Luiz is more connected to his wife than ever before, in fact he says he thought it was impossible, but he's happier than ever!

Important Note:
Porn Reboot is not for you if...

You have a strong physical addiction to a substance such a drugs or alcohol, or  have been diagnosed by a professional as having a mental health disorder, or find yourself becoming physically ill or suffer from intense withdrawal symptoms whenever you cut back or abstain.

If this is you and you have been diagnosed with a disorder, have a co-occuring addiction to substances and are truly addicted to porn, this course may help with your relationship with porn addiction by adjusting your perspective but is not a supplement for making sure you stay healthy through the process emotionally and psychologically or helping to erase your desires to watch porn and masturbate

If you have been diagnosed with a mental health issue or have a substance addiction, please consult your doctor to receive medical assistance through the recovery process. Your health is critical to your success!

Still have questions?
I’ve got you covered.

And if you still have questions email us at [email protected]
and we will get back to you right away!


Enrollment Ends In:

  • Q.I am not ready to quit porn and masturbation just yet - do I need to stop before I start this course?

    A.No! You won’t be asked to make any change until you are ready, empowered and feeling good about it. Deprivation creates stress and stress makes us act out. The point is to absorb the information in a state of mind that is positive and hopeful – so you will never be asked to make a change before you are ready to embrace it.

  • Q.Will I have to stop watching porn and masturbating forever?

    A.That will be totally up to you. Many participants find complete freedom from porn and masturbation. Others regain their control over masturbation and learn to masturbate occasionally without wanting more.

  • Q.Does this program work long term?

    A.Yes! We only have success stories going back to when I brought Porn Reboot into existence, just over 5 years ago. But there are sooo many success stories!

Here are a few:

John Broe

“J.K is a brilliant, informed, passionate and dedicated recovery and motivational coach. Can’t recommend him and his program highly enough”


"I found a tremendous amount of value …"

I found a tremendous amount of value from our session . JK had some great advice and gave me hope for recovery. I felt he really cared and understood my situation.

"J.K Know His Stuff Period."

J.K. gets straight to the point and dives deep into your problem by going straight for the root cause of your addiction/issue. He gives you FAR more than what you pay for and he actually cares.As long as you have an open mind and follow J.K.’s advice, your life will change. Period.

  • Q.What if I can’t afford it?

    A.A bit of tough love from me 🙂 If you are watching porn and masturbating every day, you are spending time which could be spent on earning money or improving skills which make you money on porn and masturbation. Tolerance only goes one way. That’s how porn works. If you don’t do something about this now, it will be worse tomorrow, not better. I did a survey of hundreds of people and the average person was spending $20 – $25 to porn and masturbation, per day. Some less and a few more, but 73% said they lost $20 – $25 per day. This course will pay for itself in less time than the course takes to complete. Not to mention, all the other costs associated with continuing to watch porn and masturbate like you do today; health and medical costs, lost time and productivity, relationship costs and so many others. And maybe the Intensive is not right for you but no matter what, if you are here on this page reading this, please invest in yourself in this area, it doesn’t matter if it is here with me, or somewhere else, but getting back in control of your relationship with porn is one of the best investments you will ever make.

    One other thought on this. Coaching averages $1,500 – $2,000 per month, rehabilitation and detox services are thousands of dollars, and of course continuing to use porn will cost you thousands – just over the next year. When compared to some of the other options, I truly believe, for the value and life transformation this course can provide, this is your best investment.

  • Q.Will I have to avoid places with attractive people?

    A.No! Porn Reboot helps you overcome your subconscious desires so you can still have a social life. Instead of wanting to masturbate or watch porn, you will have the chance to make a conscious decision to NOT watch porn, and won’t feel guilty for doing it!

But don’t take my word for it…

Daquan A.


"Thank you to elevated recovery for the tremendous help..."

Thank you to JK for calling me and showing me that my life was worth living past an addiction that has hindered me for a decade and a half. What I believe to be true is that I am worth something and JK has showed me this that basically I am on my way and have started the foundation to my recovery. With discipline, accountability and a huge shift in my own character I too can begin the process of healing and Recovery. If I could say anything to anyone on there journey to a porn free life make sure that you understand the only way to be successful is to go through what's needed. Our conversation was filled with laughter, tears and a newfound sense of accomplishment. Thank you to J.K and his team!

  • Q.When will the 3 months of weekly live coaching calls take place? I want to make sure I can join.

    A.In the past we have had participants from all over the world so timing can be tricky but if you are unable to make the call you can submit your questions before the call and we will have replays available in the membership area shortly after the calls are completed. We will do our best, based on the geography of students to ensure that the call is at a timezone that works for many different countries.

  • Q.What are the details of the 3 free months access to the Porn Reboot Coaching Community?

    A.We have a secret (no one can see you are in it) Facebook group that you will be invited to join. If you are not on Facebook many people will create one-time accounts just to get the friendship and accountability within the group. The most amazing part is that we have daily live support in the group. It is unlike anything else currently offered. This model of constant support is incredibly motivational and effective. I’ll be in the group with you encouraging you and providing support along the way.

  • Q.Do you talk about starting again? I enjoyed 14 months blissfully porn free but then an event in my life triggered a relapse. I am not sure how to start over.

    A.Yes! This course is designed to give you the best chance at getting started and even more importantly making it stick for the long term.

  • Q.The community sounds great, but I am well known in my field and don’t want to use my real name. Is that possible?

    A.Yes, some people create a specific facebook account just for this purpose, so that it is super private – that is an option you might want to choose.

  • Q.What if I want more accountability? Do you do 1:1 coaching?

    A.I only accept a limited number 1:1 coaching clients but  I will be sure to address every question that comes up through the course. I will provide you a email address where you can submit questions that will either be answered during our live group coaching calls or via live video in our closed facebook group. The great news is that you get 1:1 attention at a fraction of the price of personal coaching. If you do want personal 1:1 coaching by me, it is available – please apply at

  • Q.Do you address the underlying reasons we watch porn and masturbate? I suspect some things in my past may be keeping me stuck.

    A.Yes. In addition to the course material there is an entire bonus course called Living Free Course. Living Free Course goes deep into living beyond self-medication and in order to do that we need to get straight with our thinking and make peace inside our own minds. The Living Free Course bonus provides actionable, science-based information to help you do exactly that.

  • Q.Can I go at my own pace?

    A.Yes. You will have lifetime access to all the materials, so if something comes up that is no problem. Achieving these life-changing results is worth taking your time. However long it takes you to process the information and ensure you’re getting the most benefit is entirely up to you. Again, the program is yours forever.

  • Q.My porn use is such a habit, and I know it takes a lot of work to change a habit. Do you address this?

    A.Great question! Habits are consciously learned and have since become unconscious. Your brain turns those actions into routine to save mental space. The great thing about Porn Reboot is that it helps you change those habits into conscious thoughts again, so you have power over them.

  • Q.Can I buy this later?

    A.This program is only available until the timer expires. Once doors close the program will start and if you miss it you will have to wait until doors open again at a later time.

  • Q.I have a lot of guilt about my porn and masturbation use. Will this course help?

    A.The Porn Reboot Intensive is designed specifically to help free you from the guilt of watching porn and masturbating. By changing your relationship with sex, you will become empowered, instead of dealing with constant guilt.

  • Q.Can I masturbate occasionally?

    A.The choice is entirely yours. This Porn Reboot Intensive helps you reframe your outlook on porn and masturbation so you can have full control over your behavior. In fact, many students report watching porn once and then feeling the urge to stop, instead of going back for more. Some stop masturbating entirely.

  • Q.Will this work for people who are addicted to substance or other behaviors?

    A.If you are addicted to substance, the course can help change your mindset, but I strongly urge you to seek medical help to overcome your addiction.

  • Q.How does this work on cravings? My cravings are so intense and have kept me stuck.

    A.As long as you are not addicted to substances, your cravings are mostly in your subconscious mind, and Porn Reboot helps you address your desires on a subconscious level so you understand them and can properly manage them.

  • Q.I’ve tried to quit before but always go back. Does this course address the long term? I want this to stick!

    A.Chances are high that the reasons you’ve returned to porn is because you didn’t address the subconscious desires to view pornography. With Porn Reboot, I’ll help you reframe those subconscious desires so you’re aware of them before they become conscious thoughts.

  • Q.I am still finding this all very hard to believe, I am a serious skeptic.

    A.I totally get it. I was at first, too. Your skepticism won’t go away until you experience the Porn Reboot System, though. But, I can help by providing feedback from fellow skeptics who have now found freedom through Porn Reboot.

  • Q.What is the time commitment?

    A.Each module contains a series of short videos (3-10 min in length) for a total of 4-5 hours of videos. The recommended pace is 1 module per week, but this program is self-paced so you can work through it on your own time. You will also have short reflections to write or contemplate and a 1 hour weekly live group coaching call.

Jason S.

“Working with J.K as a coach has been one of the…

Working with JK as a coach has been one of the greatest choices that I have made in the past year. Prior to coaching, I had been trying to quit on my own for over three years with no progress. I had seen multiple therapists who either did not know about porn addiction or who did not believe in it. With recovery coaching, I have made significant progress that was not possible prior to working with JK. One great advantage of working with JK is that he is an experiential expert with a deep understanding of this addiction. His knowledge and abilities are exceptional. In coaching, he has employed a holistic approach to my addiction that has helped me to improve in multiple areas of my life while recovering from my porn addiction. The tools that I have learned in recovery coaching have been incredibly useful, not only in my recovery, but also in my day to day life. I am no longer just going through the motions of abstaining from porn, I am actually recovering!

Mack T.


I've known J.K. for less than year and he has taught me that I am capable of more than I realize.

I am empowered in my recovery and confident that I can abstain from my compulsive habits for the long haul. I struggled when I first started following J.K. but haven't acted out for the longest time thanks to the new habits I've built and the realization that I am not a slave to my over decade-long habits.

If you COMMIT to recovery, J.K. will give you the tools to sustain your commitment. He understands your struggle because of his experience.
He is very energetic and supportive as a coach. I thought it was impossible for me to stay "sober" but now I have hope. I was unaware that I had an emotional aspect to work on but am learning of its importance. I am rebuilding my social life with tools I was hesitant to adopt and never imagined I would be using.

In the past several years, I've stumbled upon several resources addressing porn addiction and compulsive masturbation. Ultimately, J.K. has been the most influential in my recovery (and was the reason I even tried again to recover). I definitely recommend his coaching and products.

  • Q.Can I do the program with my partner?

    A.Definitely. You can both login to the same account and do it together. Accountability makes it much more fun!

  • Q.Can I get this for someone else?

    A.Yes! If you have a loved one that you want to help, join Porn Reboot and then give them your login information and help guide them through getting started.

Important Note: This course is only for serious participants who are willing to put in the time. If this is not you, than this course is not for you.

Are you still here? Looking for even more proof that this is the best decision you will ever make? Don’t take my word for it… check out a few more testimonials:


It’s decision time!
Make the decision to say yes to you.

To your future. You are the hero of this story, let me help you break free and become the person you were always meant to be. Trust me to be your guide. I won’t let you down. And I can’t wait to begin.

And again, don’t take my word for it. Here are just a few more of the now hundreds of stories I’ve received from all over the globe:

"I spent most of my life trying to beat this addiction on my own..."

Countless relapses and bad decisions later, I was done. I am so happy I somehow found the courage to enroll in the program. J.K has done something remarkable. He has created something that works for people from all walks of life. The biggest lesson I learned was WHY I was a porn addict. I then understood my shame. I was given beliefs and more importantly- tools to help me live a healthy and clean life. I am so grateful for my experience with Porn Reboot and J.K. Its been a while since I felt so optimistic about my future.

“A Godsend…

Just wanted to say thank you so much for this site, and the tools and tips you have made available. Up until a month ago I stuggled with my addiction on and off for 12 years! Even through getting married and having kids! I found some of JK's videos online when I was desperate for a way out. They were a Godsend. Finally felt like someone really understood and had found a way to break the cycle. Really spoke my language and saw a glimmer of hope. After really applying your tips in discipline and replacing habits among other things I have been free of it for more than a month, which is huge for me. I feel better every day and was able to talk to my wife about it, which was difficult at first, but she is a wonderful and merciful woman. Just feel a huge weight off of my shoulders, and am realizing just how destructive and blinding this addiction had been for me the further I get from it. So thank you so much JK and team, you are a life saver.

Micheal C.

"I feel more present with my children…

I realized that I have been addicted to porn for a long period of time. I've been doing some methods on how I can stop this addiction and for some reason I am dealing with relapses. My longest period of time with out porn for this year was 10 days straight. On the 11th day I experience some relapses and wasn't able to overcome it. So I did my research and found your group coaching. I want to thank you for your wonderful messages and the courses that you have laid out. I calculated my hours of spending my time on porn and I was devastated to know that I accumulated almost 14k worth of hours for the past 13 years of my life watching porn. I felt a shame of my self knowing that I wasted those hours on porn instead of investing it to something worth productive in life. I am still in the beginning phase of the module and looking forward to finishing it to become a better person. Thank you so much for you time and effort in helping others overcoming this addiction. I dedicate my future recovery to my 3 year old daughter and I will overcome this through your support and others. You will blessed by God my friend for what you have done!



Enrollment Ends In:

You’re Protected With My Risk-Free Happiness Guarantee

This program has the power to profoundly change your life. And that’s not hype — that’s based on results from thousands of people all over the world who are happily free with Porn Reboot. I offer this guarantee because I know how life-changing this program is and want to remove every barrier for you to make the decision to join me today.

Plus, I am confident that if you show up, watch the material and do the reflections you can achieve your goals with this program. And I back that up with a risk-free guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

Test drive the the Porn Intensive and if you don’t feel that it will be life changing — just email [email protected] within 14 days and show me your completed exercises and I’ll issue you a full refund. The reason I ask for your reflections is simple.

The truth is I only want to work with people who are fully committed to change. I’ve devoted more than 5 years to the work that has cumulated in this course. I care deeply for each person involved and due to the live nature of the course there is limited space. I want to make sure you are serious about change because if you are not I want to allow someone who is to fill your spot. It is very important to me that you are as dedicated to this program as I am to you.

Important Note: This course is only for serious participants who are willing to put in the time. If this is not you, than this course is not for you.


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