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I Battled With My Addiction For Years And It Almost Cost Me Everything I Worked So Hard For...

I struggled with the same problems as you for years, from porn induced erectile dysfunction, lost ambition and beating myself up for something I simply couldn't control. I was completely and utterly ashamed of my life and I tried everything to break it.

I studied people who'd beaten their porn addiction and combined it with what I knew. I then built my system around the four pillars of recovery - Accountability, Trauma Work, Bio, Chemistry and Environment. Finally, I was able to end my addiction and I've been free from porn and masturbation for the last 11 years and counting.

You Can Shatter Your Addiction & Have Total Control Of Your Impulses and Urges In Under 90 Days

Unlike some methods for breaking addiction, you don’t have to rely on willpower alone. As you probably know yourself, it’s simply too difficult and unreliable. You need a system which keeps you accountable, removes self-doubt and gives you tools which eliminate the need to rely on your willpower.

This system can work for anyone too. You may think you’re too far gone, your situation is too difficult, or these methods just won’t work for you. Please don’t think like this. There is hope for you. I can help you break your addiction once and for all – within 90 days, I guarantee it.

Cure Your Porn Addiction Today

100% Secure And Confidential

How I Gave "TS" His Life Back
- Trust Pilot Certified Review

JK works tirelessly to bring a recovery system and coping strategies to people who struggle with sex/porn addiction. The focus on doing my OWN recovery work with JK as a coach and a guide has forced me to work hard, take recovery seriously and find a new perspective about how much effort it really takes to be who I want to be. This is no cookie-cutter coaching, but tailored to your issues. It's a fast-paced environment and there's not a lot of hand-holding so if you are ready to focus and work hard to make your life better, this is for you."

Professional Help.

I realise this is a sensitive issue. Porn and sexual behavior are a taboo subject, however you shouldn’t let this stop you from getting help. I’m a Sex and Porn Addiction Recovery Coach and I’ve been where you are. When you speak to me there is no judgement – I’m here to help you, not make you feel worse.

The entire process is totally discreet and confidential too. No-one has to know you have this problem or that you are getting help from me. You can end your addiction and reclaim your life in complete privacy.

Cure Your Porn Addiction Today

100% Secure And Confidential

  • How To Instantly Stop Your Addiction To Porn Today

    I’ll walk you through the simple first steps you need to take to eradicate your porn addiction TODAY!

  • The Truth About Porn And Erectile Dysfunction

    On the surface people think watching porn is harmless – however, when you become addicted the ongoing sexual behaviour destroys your life

  • 3 Secret Triggers That Can Set You Off On A Porn Watching Binge

    And the simple strategies to use to eliminate them from your life that have worked for over 13,000 men

  • How To Overcome Your Urges And Live A Normal Life Again

    When you have the right tools and coping mechanisms, beating your addiction to porn becomes so much easier than using willpower to overcome your issue

Cure Your Porn Addiction Today

100% Secure And Confidential

Here’s A Brief Outline Of What You’ll Discover in Your Free Consultation…

For a strictly limited time you can get a FREE copy of: ‘Confessions Of A Porn Addict: 7 Secrets To Eliminating Porn Addiction Forever!’. In this explosive report you’ll discover:

For a strictly limited time you can get a FREE copy of: ‘Confessions Of A Porn Addict: 7 Secrets To Eliminating Porn Addiction Forever!’. In this explosive report you’ll discover:

  • The shocking TRUTH about porn addiction and how it sabotages the career, finances and love lives of even the strongest men in the world.

  • Why almost EVERY man who tries to stop watching porn relapses and gives into temptation – and how you can make sure it NEVER happens to you!

  • My secret 7 step recovery method that over 2000 men have used to fight their addiction, reclaim their lives and save their damaged relationships in under 90 days

It’s yours to download and keep with my compliments. Simply fill in your details below to get this report sent straight to your inbox now.

You Need Ongoing Support If You're Going To Stand A Chance Of Beating Your Addiction

One of the biggest areas where other methods let you down is the accountability and support. They leave you to follow the steps yourself and rely on your willpower to get through it which is simply too hard. When you get my help you are never left to deal with this problem alone.

You get my personal cell number so you can contact me virtually any time of the day when you are feeling vulnerable. You also get the accountability of locking out your electronic devices and the support of other men in our secret community.

I've helped Over 13,000 Men Just Like You Tame Their Urges And Reclaim Their Lives

This is not a problem you should try and deal with yourself. I understand it’s an issue you may be embarrassed or ashamed of, however going it alone only makes it worse. Porn addiction is far more serious than some people may think and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Erectile dysfunction, apathy at work, inability to concentrate, social anxiety, daytime fatigue, low self esteem and depression can all stem from porn addiction. It destroys marriages and breaks up families – please don’t let your pride get in the way and let it happen to you.

Cure Your Porn Addiction Today

100% Secure And Confidential

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5 Steps To Ending Your Porn Addiction Forever

Cure Your Porn Addiction Today

We’ll begin by setting up your completely confidential consultation call. We’ll discuss your unique situation, the problems you face and why you think you need my help to tackle your problem. There will be no judgement – just helpful support and open ears from a trained professional.

Prescribe Your 3 Best Strategies

After our strategist has listened carefully to your story and circumstances he'll prescribe your 3 best strategies moving forward. You’ll get options for different situations and levels of personal attention required. Every situation is unique so your plan will be tailored to you.

Approve The Recovery Plan

After we’ve been through the different strategies and we've explained the features and benefits of each one, you’ll decide which of them you’d like to choose. We’ll give you a formal written proposal detailing the plan which you’ll need to approve.

Implement The Strategy Together

Once you’ve approved your preferred plan, we’ll begin implementing it together right away. We’ll set up your accountability measures, get you set up within our system and you’ll get my personal cell number for when you need help fast.

Break Your Porn Addiction Forever

Within just 90 days of beginning the system your urges will be under control and will have subsided. You’ll have my personal support and the support of my entire recovery team the whole way through to help you break the habit. You can now get your life back, reignite your spark and regain your ambition, relationships and happiness which your addiction robbed you of.

Cure Your Porn Addiction Today

100% Secure And Confidential

Here’s What My Clients Have To Say
About The Porn Reboot System and Elevated Recovery

Cure Your Porn Addiction Today

100% Secure And Confidential

My Rock-Solid
"Results First $500" Guarantee

I know how important your time is and I would never waste it – which is why I'm making this simple yet powerful promise to you when you book in a call with me.

In the extremely unlikely event that you feel like you got zero value from our initial call that's free, I'll personally transfer you $500 for wasting your time - no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so what are you waiting for?

Claim Your Free And Confidential "Cure My Porn Addiction In 90 Days" Consultation Call (Valued at $400) + A Bonus Video Training Course For Free (Total Value $700)

On your free no obligation consultation call you'll work directly with one of my trained Recovery Specialists for a full 60 minutes to uncover the triggers and roadblocks that have kept you hooked and addicted to needing porn in your life - we'll then provide you with a tailored action plan to start the process to cure your porn addiction within the next 90 days.

On your private and confidential coaching call, we’ll identify:

  • 3 secret triggers that can set you off on a porn watching binge – and how to eliminate them to become a thing of the past

  • Where porn addiction really comes from – and the exact steps you need to start taking today to start cure it

  • An easy 7-day action plan to become porn free, reclaim your life and save your marriage in the next 90 days!

  • Bonus Video Training Course: After The Session I’ll Also Give You Access To My “Porn Reboot Emergency Program” Which Will Arm You With Everything You Need To Deal With Sudden Strong Urges (Valued at $400)

Why is this free? Having personally struggled with porn addiction myself, I wanted to give back to my community of brothers and help assist as many people as possible with my free training and personal consultations.

However, you must apply now to secure your session. I am committed to giving my clients the highest level of support possible so I can only make time for 15 of these consultation calls each month. If you happen to be unlucky number 16, I’m sorry but you will need to wait for more places to open.

Do not delay, click on the button below to fill in your details and I’ll be in touch shortly to organize your session.

Cure My Porn Addiction Today

100% Secure And Confidential

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What can I expect on my first call?

    Let me start by congratulating you on your decision to seek help in this area of your life- it takes quite a bit of courage to get to this point. You and I will get on a call and discuss the current challenges that you are dealing with in your life related to pornography and sex. It is an opportunity to find out if we are a good fit for working together.If it is, a recovery strategy will be outlined for you based on where you are in your current situation. We will schedule a regular meeting time and begin with your first recovery exercise or assignment

  • Is this consultation free?

    The initial consultation is completely free with no-obligation. If you wish to have further discussion we can discuss consultation packages to cure your addiction.

  • I am ashamed of what I want to discuss!

    It’s quite normal to feel reserved about disclosing an area of your life which you may have never shared with anyone. Part of the requirements of being a recovery coach is being non-judgmental. At Elevated Recovery, you will always be in a safe and private environment where you can open up about your challenges-perhaps for the first time ever. It takes time to build a relationship, but you will find that your level of comfort and trust will keep growing as time passes. There is no need to feel shame when you are in a safe, supportive environment.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Cancellations within 24 hours are allowed.I understand that emergencies come up. Due to the wait list, any cancellations or no shows for a scheduled call second time cannot be rescheduled.

  • How long do I need Recovery Coaching?

    Recovery varies according to each client. The challenges some clients face can be dealt with effectively in a very short amount of time ( 3 months at minimum). Some clients may need more time depending on their situation. The best time to address this is during the first coaching conversation where we can outline your specific challenges, goals, and vision for your future as well as a strategic recovery plan. Typically, a minimum of three months of recovery coaching has been observed to provide the most progress for many clients. If you have more questions about the length of recovery coaching, feel free to bring them up during our first call.

  • My career involves me traveling, being on call with unpredictable hours, or frequently in different locations internationally. How would you work with me?

    A majority of my coaching sessions are held over the phone or on Skype, so scheduling is rarely an issue. Elevated Recovery is known for its flexible accountability hours. That means whether you are in New York, Melbourne, Cape Town or Tokyo, you can rest assured that we will be able to have your session.

  • What is your approach to confidentiality and high profile clients? Recovery Coaching is strictly confidential. I take your privacy and boundaries very seriously. Regardless of

    our status, reputation, or fame, you will always have your sessions in an atmosphere of trust. Some high-profile individuals prefer to avoid technology while working on themselves. If you prefer more discreet sessions, I offer “house calls” and multi-day in-person sessions on a limited basis. Every client deserves to experience recovery with the maximum amount of safety and trust.

  • Is “porn addiction” or “sex addiction” real?

    It should be noted that while neither “porn addiction” or “sex addiction” is not clinical diagnoses, both terms have become very common in our culture. Regardless of the labels surrounding these issues, clients who work with me are experiencing real and destructive consequences in life due to their inability to regain control of their sexual life. Some of these consequences include: losing relationships, large amounts of time lost to pornography and sexual fantasies, desensitization to regular sex, development of fetishes and “taboo” sexual preferences which the client is uncomfortable with, risking their career and academics, deep feelings of shame and self-hate, legal issues and much more.

  • How do I determine if you are the right recovery coach for me?

    Working with a recovery coach who you can communicate with easily and trust is important. I recommend that you take your time while seeking out a coach. A few questions to ask are: Are they an expert in their area of specialization? Do you have considerable experience in the field of coaching Is your approach currently producing results for your clients? Do you have direct experience dealing with the challenge you are coaching clients through?  For clients interested in working with Elevated Recovery, we typically have a wait list and recommend that we meet for a first session to discuss your current challenges and to see if it feels like a good fit for both of us. If so, then we welcome the opportunity to support your healing journey. If not, then I am happy to provide you with referrals that you can explore as other options.

  • What is your style of recovery coaching?

    The style at Elevated Recovery is focused on providing support, motivation, and accountability. focused on helping clients build and maintain areas of their life they might be lacking in. You are supported in building up your social, environmental, emotional, health and spiritual areas of your life. To be fully recovered, there is one thing you have to regain- your SELF. I’m a no B.S sort of coach. My style is compassionate, yet straight to the point. If you have spent many years of your life stuck in erroneous thinking, it is my role to help you discover those aspects your life that have been enabling your challenges. You will also be kept accountable, trained in self-accountability, taught how to set and devise plans for reaching your goals and constantly encouraged to reach higher heights. I want every client to benefit as much as they can from their time with me and believe that this is hope and life after the struggle with pornography and sex.

  • What other experience does J.K have?

    J.K’s pre-coaching professional background includes the Executive Director of an International internship company  and a  professional coach and consultant for over 7 years. I am certified as a Sex and Pornography Addiction Recovery Counselor and a Certified Life Coach through the World Coach Institute.

Cure Your Porn Addiction Today

100% Secure And Confidential

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